Discover Ultimate Realism With Sony Bravia A9G OLED

Sony has a prominent reputation in the electronic market. The brand launches such unique products that are user friendly and facilitates the users in every possible way. The electronic products has specific features that make them distinct among others. Sony never fails to impress its customers with new components of technological inventions in each and every product.

Recently, Sony launched a brand new product Sony Bravia A9G. Master Series is the title dedicated to the Sony TV as they are the best production of Sony that has been delivered till now. The features and specifications of Sony TV are unique and due to the amazing performance a large number of people are attracted towards the brand. The color, contrast and quality is no less than professional-grade monitor.

Pixel Contrast Booster and Sony Picture’s Processor X1 Ultimate is responsible for higher picture quality and graphics of images. The quality of the picture matters the most in any TV, the Sony Bravia  A9G focuses more on the picture quality and uses the processer X1 Ultimate that is capable of up scaling SD and HD content to near 4k quality.

The Exceptional Features And Specifications Of Sony Bravia OLED:

Discover the exceptional features and specification of Sony TV’s and let yourself experience a new cinematic vibe.

  • Perfect Mixture Of Audio And Picture:

Live the moments with the Sony Bravia A9G OLED and enjoy the true picture of life. The harmony of perfect audio and picture let you enjoy the beautiful detailed high quality graphic image with a perfect balance of sound in the background. The audio and visual performance Sony Bravia OLED is much more than a TV, it satisfies the users with the acoustics and it gives a Sound from picture reality vibe.

  • The Ultimate Masterpiece That Produces Impressive Sound Effect:

Modify your lifestyle by using your BRAVIA and hear the audio with the astonishing sound effect. Hear the world’s sound by using your OLED Masterpiece Series TV as a centerpiece that will let you enjoy the cinematic experience. Hear the dialogs, vocals and instrument with impressive clarity and enjoy the home theatre.

  • Enjoy Theatre Mode With Nexflix Calibration:

The Sony Bravia OLED satisfies it’s user with the special features. The BRAVIA is much slimmer and designed with new specification that let the users enjoy studio quality experience. The Netflix calibrated mode is a brand new feature launched only in Sony master Series that is specifically designed to enjoy the Netflix originals and series. The Sony Bravia OLED produces a similar picture quality as that of a theatre.

  • The Slim Screen Close To The Wall Is A Piece Of Art:

Mount your Sony TV on the walls that effortlessly matches with your room. Sony has developed a capability of hanging bracket for the new Bravia OLED as it fits perfectly flush to the walls of your room. The bracket has a capability to pivot and revolve so that you can adjust the suitable viewing angle.